Tuesday, 14 October 2008

We're Pregnant! =)

Yep, Baby Cooke can be announced to the world! Cat and I are ecstatically happy at the news, can't wait to welcome the bambino/a when it arrives - due for April 29th. Which isn't far away at all! *Gulp*

Had the scan yesterday at the Princess Royal Maternity Unit at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen to witness Baby Cooke doing somersaults and waving to the camera - a natural born entertainer if ever I've seen one! =)


Yousuf Hamid said...

Congrats, best of luck Jamie!

Mil said...

Congratulations, Jamie! I remember it well (three times well). Don't let them keep you away from the birth itself. They denied me that privilege each time and I will bemoan the fact forever.

Kentigern said...

Thanks a lot guys, ecstatically happy as you can imagine. And Mil, I am planning to not let hell or high water keep me from the birth - it's terrible when they stop the father participating in such a special moment.

Indeed, it's terrible how much fathers are excluded from the whole process. My wife is fantastic at making sure I'm part of things, but the medical staff we have met so far have been rather uninterested in me - I seem to have served my purpose! =o

Justified Spinner said...

Congrats to you both.
Prepare to have the time of your life!