Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Battle of the Bulges

So the MSPs have given a good doing to the journalists of Scotland, both figuratively and literally.

I refer of course to the Battle of (Little) Hampden; the Rumble in the (Mount Florida) jungle; the Slaying of Wee Chick (honest, I support St Mirren and my visceral dislike of Celtic has nothing to do with my support for the Gers) Young. (

Now, I've played football with John Park MSP before, and he is not one to take prisoners. Interestingly, in our game (at Scottish Labour conference, Young Labour vs the Elected Reps) it was me who carried out the 'mis-timed' tackle on Mr Park, so maybe it is actually my fault for teaching him new techiniques! (For the record, the reps won 6-1, with me getting our consolation goal. In our defence, we weren't beaten by a bunch of unfit politicians - most of their team should have been playing for Young Labour!)

The fundamental problem is that the match-up of John Park, rooted in the environs of Rosyth, against Chick Young who has been softened by years of the high life on license-payers money, has only one inevitable outcome. Chick Young was never going to come out on top, and is lucky that he is still alive to write complaints about it in the media!

On a final note, the article in the Herald reads like a who's who of the hard core element of the Scottish Labour Party - Park, Redmond, McAveety, Kelly. OK, to be fair Cllr Paul Kelly is a friend of mine and isn't really that hard, but it bodes well for his political career that he is in with such Labour luminaries. Well done Paul! Certainly, it is a clear sign that the Scottish Labour Party shouldn't be messed with - not if you want to retain full use of your limbs anyway...


CalumCarr said...

Anyone who clatters Chick Young is OK in my book.

The story should be:

" Chick Young Still Walks and Talks - Why?"

Not a Village in Westminster said...

Lol, very true Calum.

It's scary that he is held up as the pinnacle of Scottish journalism, doesn't say much for the standard that exists.