Friday, 6 February 2009

Petition to keep Jeremy Clarkson in Australia (Sorry Australia!)

So the mighty Jeremy Clarkson, self proclaimed voice of the people, has felt fit to make pronouncements on British politics whilst Down Under.

Seriously, do you think if we start a petition we could get the Aussies to keep him?

The fact of the matter is that he is an arrogant opinionated boor who basks in his self-importance and pontificates on matters of which he has very little understanding. And that's just his car writing!

It's not really because he insulted Gordon Brown - we are a democracy and he is within his rights to do so. It's more the depressing fact that he is somehow viewed as being a representative of the UK, a pseudo-ambassador whose words carry some sort of importance, rather than a TV presenter and 'reporter' - one so clever that by publishing his bank details in his column in an attempt to make a point he cost himself money.

I'm biased I admit - I don't watch the programme and if I'm being honest I think Boris Johnson is a better writer about motor vehicles. However, it is a shame that he is somehow held up as a role model for the UK and a reflection of the zeitgeist of the nation.

I suppose it's probably more the case that I'm the one out of touch - after all the petition wanted him to be made PM!

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