Tuesday, 11 November 2008

CalumCarr on .... Whatever: Let's Fight For Mrs Carr

CalumCarr on .... Whatever: Let's Fight For Mrs Carr

I just wanted to drop attention to Calum Carr's excellent blog and the ongoing struggle that he is engaged in, details at the link above.

It is a depressing situation when people who require help and support are abandoned. We have much to be proud of with the NHS, but there is also much that needs to be changed with it, particularly in regards to the service's approach to mental health.

I am lucky enough to be married to a Counsellor and to be able to see snippets of the wonderful work that she does in supporting people in times of need. However, as a Counsellor from the person-centred approach, the NHS is uninterested in what she and others can offer. Rather it has decided that there is one approach will be used (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT) and all others are ignored. This ignores the reality that people are individuals and different people, even if they present with similar diagoses, may well respond best to different styles of support.

But unfortunately, the NHS is focussed on its limited services - if you don't fit into these then you are cast aside, as it is obviously the patient's fault that they cannot 'work' with the service rather than the failing of the NHS is not providing appropriate support. It is a disgrace and an embarrassment, and must be changed before more people are failed.

So check out Calum's site and draw attention to the fight for Mrs Carr - it is a sad fight and one that shouldn't need to be fought, but it is an important one that has implications for us all.

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Thanks for highlighting our plight.


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